The Next BIG THING in AMD: Will AMD Show Off Their NEW VEGA Graphic Cards?

AMD opens the year announcing a new event, which coincidentally coincides with the first day of CES 2017, held in Las Vegas from January 5 to 8. There is no data of absolutely nothing, you only see a video of a minute and a half, where there is the talk of ‘Radeon Revolution‘ in posters and facades, there is a painting that clearly indicates ‘VEGA‘ and a child with a drum that ends in a room Full of drums. Far from all this, there is no data or interesting information.

The normal, of course, is that at last, after the fiasco and ridicule of the first AMD presentation, called New Horizon, where we did not see any benchmark data on processors or GPUs, we were only told that they were there, without plus. After such a bad event, it is expected that now we will have an event like NVIDIA, presenting the products and showing it, as well as providing reference information, such as benchmarks or prices.

AMD has in the oven, to the point of being perfectly known, a new graphics card, which may well be the RX 490 or a new range of graphics Fury. The logic would be that this graph was very powerful and with the new Crimson ReLive, the new drivers, not only powerful but energy efficient, something that in recent years AMD is lagging a lot, launching products that not only consume in excess but Which are also overheated.

amd radeon vega revellion

As the posters say, join the rebellion. We’ll see if it’s really a rebellion in GPUs!

Be that as it may and put to speculate, we open the bets in the comments, but we bet more by the launch of a new graphic family capable of competing directly with the GTX 1000 series of NVIDIA since the RX 480 is more or less At the height of the GTX 1070. NVIDIA for its part in CES 2017 could present the GTX 1080Ti and who knows if you lower the GPU you already have in the market.

Whatever AMD have in hands, without doubt, it’s something that will be a game changer in the computer hardware gaming world. Also with their announced new CPU architecture this 2017 will be the year of AMD.

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