Sharkoon Skiller SGK1 REVIEW

Today we offer you the analysis of a mechanical keyboard that wants to become one of the best sellers based on offering some remarkable features together with an unsurpassed sales price.

The Sharkoon Skiller SGK1 is a full-design mechanical keyboard with a comfortable wrist rest and Kailh switches in different versions under its keys. Its features continue with a white lighting system with different effects and intensity regulation.

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The Sharkoon Skiller SGK1 comes in a presentation quite similar to the view in previous products of the brand, we have a cardboard box with a design dominated by the corporate colors of the brand including black and blue.




On the front we see an image of the keyboard as well as the layout it presents, this time we find a distribution of US keys, something that should not be a problem since it will not prevent us from making a good use of the keyboard at all.


In the back, we have all the characteristics of the keyboard among which we find the wrist rest part, a design of great quality with the top reinforced in aluminum. This time we have the unit with Kailh Brown mechanisms that are characterized by providing feedback to the user at the time the pulsation is recorded, it is, therefore, a nonlinear switch but is very smooth in their operation.

Something we miss is a window that allows us to test the buttons before going through the box, a detail that we understand perfectly because it is a keyboard that seeks to be one of the most economical solutions in the market and the manufacturer has made an important effort of cost reduction.

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It is time to focus on the keyboard, the Sharkoon Skiller SGK1 dimensions are 458x220x44mm and weights only 1,300gr. A design that makes of this keyboard a unit with a weight similar to many other mechanical keyboards that we have seen and that shows off a great quality from the first moment.

As for the mechanical switches, these are the aforementioned Kailh Brown, some off-road mechanisms that are usually the most recommended for their smooth operation in all scenarios, whether to write or to play will perfectly fulfill their role.


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These mechanisms have an activation stroke of 2mm and a maximum stroke of 4mm with an activation force of 45 grams. They are quite soft mechanisms and with a structure that gives us feedback at the moment, the pulsation is recorded. The Kailh Brown have a life of 50 million pulsations so we have a keyboard for a lot of time.

We continue with the characteristics of the keyboard itself and we find an ultra polling of 1000Hz and Anti-Ghosting technology with 26 n-Key Rollover (NKRO), this means that the keyboard is able to detect the simultaneous pressing of up to 26 keys without arriving To collapse. We also find a total of 12 multimedia keys to access the most common controls in a very comfortable way.

Finally, we highlight the presence of the gaming mode that will prevent accidentally pressing the Windows key. At the rear, we find two folding plastic legs that allow us to slightly raise the keyboard for greater comfort of use.


The Sharkoon Skiller SGK1 features a white backlight system that we can regulate in intensity and light effects to leave as we like, we have several light effects among which we highlight some as popular as static lighting, wave effect, breathing, Sweep and others. Best of all, the lighting is controlled without the need for any special software so we can manage it on all operating systems.


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Since long ago, mechanical keyboards didn’t need to be expensive to be good and the Sharkoon Skiller SGK1 is another proof of it. We have a full design keyboard that includes the numeric keypad so there will be no problem for users who need to make intensive use of it.

Below the keys are the Kailh switches which are probably the most popular after the acclaimed Cherry. This unit rides the Kailh Brown and after several days of use, we can say that they work really well and have little or nothing to envy the most expensive Cherry. Its operation is very smooth and precise and does not present any kind of problem. We also highlight the ultra polling technologies of 1000 Hz and 26 n-Key Rollover (NKRO) for flawless operation.

We continue with a lighting system that is only white but we can configure it in various levels of intensity and various effects, but surely the most practical for most users is to leave the light static and on all keys. To test its performance we have used the usual working environment (office, graphic design and video and programming), the performance there is very pleasant.

Currently, there is a lot of competition between mechanical keyboards to play. But without a doubt, the Sharkoon Skiller SGK1 is one of the best in the market and above does it with an irresistible price.


  • Light design
  • High quality Kailh switches
  • Configurable LED retroillumination
  • Very comfortable after hours of use
  • Multimedia keys
  • Cheap!
  • Only white backlight
  • Wrist rester not changeable

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